"Helenow" is an exceptional and unique place. Since the beginning of its existence it has been working continuously on the best interests of children and young people. Since 2007 under the name of the Centre for Rehabilitation, Education and Care has carried out tasks in the field of comprehensive support, education and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities of all ages.  "Helenow" is a complex of educational, rehabilitation and caring institutions for over 180 children and young people. We are an open institution for all interested in our programmatic offer.
Tasks of the Centre include, among others, attention to the quality of service and permanent improvement of working methods. In particular, we aim to provide:
- a high level and the proper organization and course of the processes of education
- appropriate conditions for the multi-profile improvement of children and young people as well as the high quality of rehabilitative and therapeutic activities.
We want to make our kids and adolescents be happy and have the best conditions for proper development. We are delighted to each achieved goal, each completed stage of our activities,  any improvement in the conditions in which our pupils and students are functioning. All of our successes in improving the effectiveness of our impacts motivate us for further work.
The high quality and effectiveness of our impacts is only possible thanks to financial support.
The areas of our activities, which urgently require financial support:
Climatic conditions do not allow for conducting hippotherapy continuously throughout the year. In the winter due to the very low temperatures we are forced to lead them to a limited extent. Therefore, it is necessary to build an indoor hall for hippotherapeutical activities of an area about15-30 m2. Cost approx. 250 000-300 000 PLN.
We must also secure the hippotherapy area putting about 300 meters of the fence.
"Helenow" has a wide range of curriculum for Lower Secondary School graduates. Students who are within the intellectual norm can continue their education in Secondary School of General Education, whose 10th anniversary we celebrate. In contrast, students with intellectual disabilities in moderate and significant degree can learn many practical skills in Job Training School. This school is unique in the region because the education authorities have no idea what educational activities should they take in relation to the youth. Only "Helenow" gives them the opportunity to continue learning in accordance with their capabilities. It is the perfect place for these young people.

Due to the great interest of parents and young people in our programmatic offer, there is a great need to expand the educational base for both Lower Secondary School graduates who wish to continue their learning in Secondary School of General Education School, and for those who can be trained only within practical skills in Job Training School. The biggest problem that we are facing is the issue of equipment of the new building intended for these schools, which is now being built.
Classes facilities and the purchase of teaching aids: cost approx. 100 000-120 000 PLN.
Gym equipment for rehabilitation activities and sports: cost approx. 15 000-20 000 PLN.

The Job Training School curriculum includes learning about typical situations related to work, training in different activities, including self-service, cleanup and auxiliary functions, mastering of basic skills as well as preparing to take independent or assisted job at a given position in the open or protected labor market.
The job training program prepares students to work in accordance with their capabilities in the areas of:
- gardening with elements of flower arranging
- household, preparation and serving of meals
- ceramics
- weaving elements, elements of hand and machine sewing
- elements of knitting
In order to develop practical skills related to the work our Job Training School gives the students the opportunity to participate in practical activities preparing them for work in accordance with their aptitudes and interests.
To achieve these goals it is necessary to create an appropriate training base.
We want to build:
- Mini greenhouse with an area of 50 m2. Cost approx. 50 000 PLN
- Exercise room for culinary activities. Cost approx. 15 000-20 000 PLN
- Carpentry workshop. Cost approx. 20 000 PLN
- Ceramic workshop. Cost approx. 11 587 PLN
Equipment of ceramic workshop includes:
- A ceramic stove Keramikos Favourite Economy with the Timer TC 44. Cost 5920.00 PLN + furnace equipment 367,00 PLN
- Electric potter's wheel Shimpo RK. Cost 3300.00 PLN
- Foot wheel with the bowl. Cost 2000,00 PLN
Specialized equipment for classes in music therapy. Cost 9134 PLN
- digital piano Piaggero - 1244 PLN
- a set of drums - 238 PLN
- a rhythmic set - 388 PLN
- chromatic soprano xylophone - 1129 PLN
- alto xylophone - 759 PLN
- bass xylophone - 1419 PLN
- soprano chromatic metalofon - 1299 PLN
- alto metalofon - 860 PLN
The equipment for the implementation of digital document circulation. Approx. cost 20000 PLN
1) Network server with software. Computer for application software, network management and data storage. Cost 6.396 PLN
2) Network accessories - hubs. Extension and modification of the existing computer network. Cost 2.890 PLN
3) Optical fiber wiring of computer network. Cost 6.285 PLN
4) Implementation of the system. Cost 2.460 PLN
5) Additional payment to increase computing performance and capacity of the network server. Cost 1,303 PLN
6) Additional payment for performance 1GB/sek hubs. (increase in the speed of the network). Cost 898 PLN
The necessary equipment:
- speech therapy accessories (eg a tongue vibrator)
- a range of tests (eg a phonemic hearing test)
- educational aids for speech therapy exercises
Cost approx. 1200 PLN
in 1922
for the purposes of Non-public Rehabilitation Institution of Health Care. Cost approx. 35000 PLN

1) Bath tub vortex (jacuzzi) of the lower extremities and spine for hydrotherapy. Using the properties of the water environment, temperature, rotational movement one can get the effect of heat and relaxation (eg in the case of spasticity) or analgesic effect. Cost 16 358.54 PLN

2) Lamp BIOPTRON Compact III with stand for patients with movement impairments to light therapy. Light of the lamp promotes wound healing (eg in the case of decubitus), relieves pain and reduces its intensity. Cost 2 670,00 PLN

3) ROTOR ELECTRIC exercise for patients with movement dysfunctions. This innovative, compact unit contributes to progressive muscle strengthening of upper and lower limbs, and regular exercises improve joint mobility and blood circulation in the limbs. Cost 810,00 PLN

4) Equipment for Sensory Integration Lab. Cost 6 515,00 PLN
- a circular swing - 265 PLN
- a set of olfactory training -170 PLN
- a barrel - 620 PLN
- scented balls with bell - 80 PLN
- a mangler (big) - 3 000 PLN
- a helicopter - 300 PLN
- a mushroom - 465 PLN
- a fold-ball - 56 PLN
- faces 42 PLN
- a suspended boat with balls - PLN 770
- sensory bags - 140 PLN
- touch rollers in the bag - 115 PLN
- a set of sensory balls with globules - 270 PLN
- a massager pet - 40 PLN
- a pin image 3D - 60 PLN
- a set of sensory balls 250 PLN
- a rustling ball 32 PLN
The equipment for Sensory Integration therapy is a set of devices and instruments used by the therapist in order to create an appropriate environment for effective therapy. Sensory integration is the brain learning how to properly process and integrate sensory data. Children with disabilities have a limited opportunity to acquire different types of sensory experiences.

5) POLARIS 2 - laser therapy driver. The apparatus (driver + probe) is used for anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapy in orthopedic and neurological disorders. Cost 3120 PLN

6) SKOLIOMETRE - a device designed to assess the size of the rib hump or lumbar shaft and to assess the symmetry of the shoulder or hip girdle. Cost 2 000 PLN